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How To Sell NFTs on Opensea

How To Sell NFTs on Opensea

Yearning to sell your NFT using OpenSea? This step-by-step guide will take you through everything you need to know about How To Sell NFTs on Opensea. 

OpenSea is the latest NFT arena where anybody having a crypto wallet may buy and sell any item from electronic music and tokenized rare Pokemon cards to portraits of mutant apes and high-brow photographs. What else could you expect?

Though the blockchain structure behind the NFT marketplace may seem a bit complex, setting up on OpenSea and learning the platform is very easy like you would sign up into an account on any other site. 

How To Sell NFTs on Opensea

Signing in to OpenSea & Setting Up your Account

We assume you have a crypto wallet available, linking to OpenSea and establishing an account is very simple and easy. Follow these steps to get started:

-Go to the OpenSea homepage, move to the upper right-hand section of the site and click on the wallet avatar. After clicking it, OpenSea will request you to link to a wallet provider you like,  your account is up and running.

-After completing the linking process, OpenSea will take you to your profile page of the account; in there, you can check the NFTs you accrued, generated, or even the one you’ve shown interest on the site to purchase.

-Initially, your account will stay “Unnamed” unless you visit the setting section that can be located to the right of your display picture for account customization. While doing this, OpenSea will inquire about additional security prompts here, requesting you to sign a faster agreement form before you can get on. Once you are done with the agreement, you can now tailor your profile. Choose a username, jot a simple bio, and add a functional email address that is also secure to your account.

After undertaking all those processes, you’re now ready to explore the goodies of OpenSea trading and your wallet having money, and up and running to make some incredible offers phenomenally. 

Making an Offer on NFTs

There’s another NTFS that will provide an auction option. As such, it will allow the sellers an opportunity to tag a low-price threshold and set buyers against one another. And the process of making such an offer is quite easy and simple. Check it out:

-Find an NFT you want to make a place an order on

-Check all the info on the NFT page, and include even the current offers to be sure that you can easily place the bid. Bids should be over 5% more than the preceding bid. 

-Tap on the “make offer” place located on the NFT section.

-Again, here you may be requested to confirm all the details that you’ve given out are authentic.

-Next, you choose the currency that you would like to place your offer in. If you’re choosing a currency you’ve never used before, you can be charged a one-off charge.

-Put the money you wish to place on your offer and also indicate an expiration date. With an expiration date, you can drop your offer when the time elapses and the seller hasn’t come to claim the offer. 

-All the offers you have made can be visible by going back to your profile and locating the offers section in the left-hand sidebar.

-After you’ve placed your offer, you are set. Just take a cup of coffee as you wait for a seller to claim your offer. And because you are making the offer through NFT you need and tons of actions are available, you’ll need to stay around to keep checking on the progress of your offer. 

How to Sell NFTs on OpenSea

Whether you’re setting up an NFT you established or turning over an NFT you purchased, to sell NTF on OpenSea, you need to know only a few things. In other words, it’s a straightforward process:

-From your profile section, choose the NFT you wish to sell.

-Then, tap the sell button located on the top right-hand section of the NFT page.

-There, you’ll be requested to select the type of auction, price, and several other preferences. You can make your NFT to be a fixed-price auction or begin a sale with a wide range of settings with a start price, expiry time, and price threshold included.

-After you’ve seen how you wish your settings of the sales to be, tap the Post Your Listing icon.

-There are no set-out fees for putting up your NFTs for potential clients to buy, but you may have to incur some small fee after the sale goes successful, that are listed. 

-After doing all this, you’ll be prompted to finish the listing, verify all the details, and pass your NTF on the market arena.

-To view your NFTs on sale, you can get back to the profile section, and choose the activity tab located on the left-side sidebar. 

These are the essential things you need to know with regards to selling and buying on OpenSea. 


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